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Gran Canaria is certainly one of the last european island paradise. Many people difine the island as a "miniature continent". Here you'll enjoy the lush green forests, an exotic flora and fauna, breathtaking landscapes such sand dunes like in the Sahara, bizarre mountain formations, volcanic craters, sometimes in the winter snow on the highest peaks, a dynamic capital and beautiful coastlines with fantastic beaches. With an average annual temperature 18 to 25 degree centigrade, has the island the whole year a spring climate, which also according to international scientific views the best climate in the world.

Communities in Gran Canaria




Island of Culture


In Gran Canaria you can enjoy concerts, recitals and festivals of all styles of music throughout the year. Music forms an integral part of island life, with music being heard in the various theatres and auditoriums, in the streets and squares and at the traditional festivals of the island.


Classical Music

Spain's first Philharmonic Society is in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and it was founded in 1845. The people of Gran Canaria evidently have an enormous love of classical music, as you can see from the continuous programme of classical music events, which includes the Canary Islands Classical Music Festival, the Alfredo Kraus Opera Festival, (named after the Canarian-born tenor), the Philharmonic Orchestra of Gran Canaria season of concerts, the Zarzuela Festival, the Guitar Festival, among others.

Modern Music

Rock, jazz and celtic music festivals, as well as concerts and recitals that include everything from the most traditional to the must current sounds, complete an extensive programme of musical events that take place throughout the entire island.

Dance, Theatre and Cinema

The various theatres on the island have continuous programmes of events, including theatre and dance shows that feature the best companies and professional artists on the scene. This array of cultural events is supplemented by a variety of specialised festivals, such as Las Palmas de Gran Canaria Theatre and Dance Festival, Festival in the South -Drama from 3 Continents in Agüimes and the International Comedy Festival in Ingenio.
As far as cinema is concerned, special mention must be made of the International Cinema Festival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria: The best motion pictures from all over the world are entered in this festival, which is attended by celebrities of the "seventh art".

Painting and Sculpture

Until the mid-19th century, the artists of Gran Canaria merely followed the various European schools of the time, without making any original contribution. However, from that time on, the island´s native artists put their own distinct stamp on the various universal artistic currents, such as modernism, expressionism, indigenism and abstract art. The artists that enjoy the greatest international recognition are Néstor de la Torre, Manuel Millares and Martín Chirino, names that have become part of the history of art.

Exhibition centres

In the various exhibition centres and museums on the island the visitor will find works of art that were produced on the island as well as works that were produced by exponents of more universal artistic currents. Some exhibition centres are the Centro Atlantico de Arte Moderno (CAAM) modern art gallery, La Regenta Art Gallery, Christopher Columbus' House, Centro Insular de Cultura, the San Antonio Abad exhibition rooms and CICCA.

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And again Carnival  and Gay Pride

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria from 29.01.2016 till 21.02.2016
Slogan: The crazy twenties

Maspalomas from 19.02.2016 till 28.02.2016

Gay Pride Maspalomas from 01.05.2016 till 15.05.2016